Celebrity Memoirs: Because Actors Are People Too

It seems like there have been a ton of celeb. memoirs coming out in the past few months, Bryan Cranston, Trevor Noah, Carrie Fisher, Lauren Graham, Anna Kendrick, Mara Wilson… and those are just the ones I’ve read (well, technically still working on Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime).

I can’t exactly complain because I generally enjoy celebrity memoirs, but goodness, I can’t read so many back to back!
Some of the recent releases have been a little hit or miss for me, but I still felt the need to read them. But it also made me want to compile a list of some of my favorite celebrity memoirs that I’ve read in the last few years, soooo here ya go:



Warwick Davis Size Matters Not

I picked this book up during one of my fairly frequent phases of Star Wars obsession (I’m married to a total Star Wars nerd who can tell you just about anything about the extended SW universe). We had just watched some of the live stream of Star Wars Celebration, where Warwick Davis hosted many of the panels we got to watch, and I was infatuated. This guy is so funny. We soon after decided we were going to buy tickets to next year’s SW Celebration in Orlando, partially in hopes that Warwick may be hosting again.
Anyhow, his book; Warwick is charming, hilarious, and clever. His retelling of his journey into becoming an actor is delightful. His story is frequently funny, relatable, and at times utterly heartbreaking (you can find out why on your own).



Craig Ferguson American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot

One of my first read and favorite celeb memoirs. Excuse me for using the word hilarious far too often (I’ll pull out a thesaurus one day, I promise) but seriously, Craig Ferguson is one of the funniest, and at times raunchiest, comedians. I was totally obsessed with The Late Late Show when he was hosting (and can I just say how sad I am that he wasn’t still hosting during the Trump campaign and impending presidency, the impressions would have been amazing, I’m sure). While Craig is obviously a very funny Scot, he gets very real about growing up in Scotland, his own insecurities, his addictions and subsequent stint in rehab, and his moving to and becoming an American citizen. He is pretty transparent and lays it bare (I’m sure there is a joke to be made there) and it’s refreshing to see a funny guy call it like it is and be pretty humble about his life experiences.



Betty White If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)

I had to put at least one of Betty White’s book on this list, if only for the pure and simple fact that Betty White is so sweet and funny. Who doesn’t like Betty White? Honestly, send them my way so I can punch them in the throat. She’s super nice, absolutely loves animals, and everyone has something nice to say about her. I absolutely adore her.
This book is pretty much what you would expect, a collection of Betty White’s stories of life in show business. But told in her own awesome Betty White way.




Dick van Dyke My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business

I am quite fond of Dick van Dyke, mostly because I’m fond of some of his more famous characters. I’m also, in generally, kind of fond of older TV shows (it’s my mom’s fault!).
I first saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in elementary school, and while yes, a totally cheesy movie, I loved it. Anyhow, my fondness for Mr. van Dyke began there I think, and then on to the charming Burt from Mary Poppins.
Dick van Dyke’s book was an interesting look into the journey of a charming gentleman from a humble upbringing. It was also intriguing to me because it consists of stories about being in show business through various decades, as well as working with a plethora or Hollywood’s biggest names.
This also introduced me to The Dick van Dyke Show, which I now adore, even though every time I watch I get insanely jealous of all of Rose Marie’s glorious 1950’s style A-line dresses. Also, it’s just a silly, wholesome show.




Tina Fey – Bossypants

In case it hasn’t been made perfectly clear, I like funny women. Tina Fey’s book was sort of an introduction to my liking female comics. I’m not entirely sure what got me to even read this book as just a few years ago I really had no interest in famous people, SNL, or comedians let alone female ones busting through industry stereotypes. This ended up being one of my favorite books and it introduced me to a whole slew of hilarious female writers and actresses, and maybe kinda contributed to being more of a feminist (oh no, the other F word).



Carrie Fisher – Wishful Drinking

I read this not long after getting into Star Wars (Yeah, I was late to the game, and yes it was because of a boy (who is now my husband). I had seen SW growing up, but wouldn’t have considered myself a fan until a few years ago) (I like writing in parentheses).

I found this read interesting in part because I like Princess Leia (badass) and in part because I’ve always been a bit fascinated by drug and alcohol addiction (and mental health in general, really). But not in a “I totally wanna try this lifestyle” type of way; I’m a lightweight and my drug of choice is caffeine.

Carrie Fisher is pretty much always an open book and very straight forward, and that is certainly the case with this book, as with her other books that I have read, which thus far has only been her autobiographic ones, one day I will get around to reading her novels. Because she is so unfiltered, this makes for an interesting/entertaining read. She talks about growing up with very famous parents, their scandals, her own scandals, depression, drinking, and electroshock therapy… It gets a little crazy. But I like crazy. I’d recommend this to any Carrie Fisher fan, but also anyone who just likes a crazy memoir.



Celebrity Memoirs that need to happen:

Harrison Ford (although we all know that will never happen)
Mark Hamill
Dana Carvey
Steve Carrell
Stephen Colbert (an account of the real Stephen )
Aubrey Plaza
Kristen Wiig
Melissa McCarthy (Yeah, I really have a thing for female comics, most be the same reason I like crazy female humor writers.)



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