Bryan Cranston: A Life in Parts


Anyone who has watched Breaking Bad knows that Bryan Cranston is a brilliant actor. As someone who isn’t really even a big fan of Breaking Bad (such a heathen, I know) Bryan Cranston’s acting is part of what made me keep watching. He (obviously) talks about Breaking Bad in his new book; not just the making of the show, but also the development and why he believes it took the world by storm. It was really interesting, and often humorous, to read these stories and it shed a new light on the show for me and made me appreciate it just a bit more.

Now obviously, he doesn’t spend the entire book talking about BB, in fact it’s a rather small portion of the book. Cranston also talks about his childhood, youth, and the many crazy adventures that eventually led him to acting. It’s a pretty intriguing read and a cool look into a really nice sounding guy. It would be an understatement to say that Cranston takes his job as an actor seriously, he also takes developing his characters very seriously and he seems to fully embody each characters he plays. From fun, goofy Hal Wilkerson:


(Some of his stories about working on the set of Malcolm in the Middle are hilarious. And now I want to go watch the entire series on Netflix.)

to the very serious, deep, and intimidating (sometimes downright scary) Walter White/Heisenberg:


All in all, this was an enjoyable read. Sometimes funny, sometimes deep, but always genuine. I have a lot of respect for Bryan Cranston, props for being a decent human being in Hollywood.


2 thoughts on “Bryan Cranston: A Life in Parts

  1. The first time I saw Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle I had to watch the show. As ridiculous as all the characters were it was Hal’s approach to parenting and relationship with Lois just made me keep watching. He was also the reason I watched Breaking Bad. Just like you I didn’t enjoy the show as much but his acting was what kept me hooked.
    Anyways I love your review of the book and look forward to reading more. 🙂


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