Adulthood IS a Myth


If you aren’t familiar with Sarah Scribbles a) where have you been? and b) get to it! Seriously. I’ll wait.

These comics are hilarious, real, and just so on-point about SO many things. She so perfectly illustrates what being a homebody introvert is like, anxieties a lot of us relate to (but don’t share with each other) and just the realities of being a millennial.

Sarah Andersen also just has a way of speaking to my true weird self. For instance, this comic may be my absolute favorite:


Not only my weirdness, but she perfectly taps into insecurities we all feel. My husband can verify that this next comic is basically the story of our relationship:


I highly recommend Adulthood is a Myth if you enjoyed Hyperbole & a Half. If you aren’t familiar with Hyperbole & a Half, please , for your own sake go find a copy, or at least check out Allie Brosh’s site.

The Sarah Scribbles comics can be found on her website and Facebook, so you may not feel the need to purchase this as an ink and paper collection, but personally I just couldn’t resist having such hilarious and relatable at my fingertips and on my bookshelf.



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