All the Little Liars


I was never a fan of cozy mysteries.. That is until I read the Aurora Teagarden series this past winter/spring. Confession, I learned of this series from watching bits of the made-for-TV adaptations of the series on the Hallmark Mysteries channel with my mom. They aren’t horrible, but I must admit the Hallmark version is certainly cozier. Anyhow, that was my introduction to this series, and then I found myself devouring each book earlier this year when I was sick for like three months straight and spent all my down time in bed. There is certainly a bit of a cheese factor to some of these books, but I enjoyed them all nonetheless.

Sooo, when it was announced that after like 13 years Charlaine Harris was going to write another Aurora book, I was stoked. This is was of one of the books I’ve been most excited for this year. I was considered where the series would pick up as Harris hadn’t written Aurora is over a decade, but I gotta admit, I can’t say I was disappointed.

All the Little Liars picks up right where Poppy Done to Death (book #8) left off. I have to say, that had been a concern of mine for this book. I’m glad she picked up right where it left off instead of jumping ahead 13 years, although it sorta did technology wise with use of Facebook and such.

A newly married and pregnant Aurora is back and, as always, surrounded by trouble and a new mystery. Four kids have gone missing, another has been found dead. One of the four kids is Aurora’s very own half-brother Phillip, who appears a handful of times throughout the series. There is always something chaotic going on in Aurora’s life, and this book is no different. This part-time librarian/part-time amateur detective seems to always have trouble knocking on her doorstep, both figuratively and literally.

One of the things I think I appreciated most about this book is that even more than a decade later, the writing style is very much the same and I appreciate that continuity. For me, it flows quite nicely with the rest of the series. I’d like to point out that while this is the ninth book in this series, it isn’t absolutely necessary to read all of these books in order. It certainly helps (especially if you’re like me and are anal about having missed something) but it’s also a series that lends itself to newcomers and allows you to pick up where ever you want.

All-in-all, I enjoyed this read because I have enjoyed this series and it’s characters. I’m curious to see if there will be any more to come for Aurora Teagarden. The series could probably easily end here, but I’d also like to see a mommy Aurora in the future. If you like cozy mysteries obviously this might be for you, but also if you’re just looking for something fairly light read (though not necessarily light in content, I mean.. there are murders in each book of the series) I’d suggest maybe giving Aurora a try.




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