Little Shop of Happy Ever After


Nina Redmond has just lost her job as a librarian as the branch libraries are closing and being moved to a central library. Now facing unemployment,  forced to take a new path, Nina must decide what she will do next. When left to ponder her own dreams, Nina admits she’s always dreamed of owning a small bookshop. With the help of a soon to be former co-worker, Nina toys with the idea of having a mobile bookshop, where she could set up shop where she pleases and reach all sorts of people. Long story short without honestly spoiling much, Nina does indeed buy a large van and stock said van full of books.

This story takes place in Scotland, and while I’m very willing to bet this is a fairly fictional depiction of a small town in the Highlands, Jenny Colgan 100% made me want to go to Scotland, although to be fair, that’s not a new desire. I did get the feeling her depictions of this small town were a bit over the top, a very sugar-coated, Hallmark movie type depiction. Actually, this book could easily get the Hallmark movie treatment. Typically, I don’t like predictable plots nor chick-lit. The reason I stuck it out for this book was entirely for the book-lover, former librarian who just wants to see the world read aspect. Which is an aspect I like very much as a sort of wanna be librarian myself.

I would recommend The Bookshop on the Corner to anyone who considers themselves a book lover, lover of libraries/book stores, and/or enjoys a simple chick-lit, but doesn’t mind a fairly predictable plot.



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