I have a few confessions to make



I have a confession to make. I judge books by their covers.
Oh, don’t pretend like you don’t do the same.
I am just fully aware of doing so and feel rather little shame about it.

Also, I’m a picky reader. I tend to avoid books that I’ve heard numerous people claim to have loved, and I definitely feel a sense of “yeah, okay” when someone tells me they love such and such book and that it is the “best book since” whichever godforsaken glorified classic. That isn’t to say I stick to one genre though. I feel like I get a fairly decent range between memoirs and autobiographies, mainstream fiction, children’s novels (which I could argue sometime have more depth than many adult authors), a select few mysteries, and a random (small) assortment of science fiction.

Another confession: I hate when books give themselves away far too early. If I can figure out the plot within the first 25 pages, or worse, just from the inside of the cover, I’m not going to bother finishing. Which comes to another confession: my DNF (did not finish) list is as long as my arm. I’m a quitter. I give a book 50 pages and call it quits. I used to feel bad about that, but then I figure screw it, ain’t nobody got time for that. Not when I could be reading something better or re-reading any given Harry Potter book.

One last confession: I usually balk at writing reviews on Goodreads, a site I love and use daily, yet for some senseless reason I thought starting a book review blog sounded like a good idea. P.S. this page will not just be book reviews, but I suppose that will be its main purpose. At least for now.


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